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At Outta This World K9, we built ourselves around creating the best relationship between you and your dog that is possible in this universe. We understand that every dog is different and need to use all the tools we have to achieve your training goals. We do this by using a balanced approach to build, shape, teach, and stop behaviors. We also strive ourselves on teaching you how to speak the language of dog by giving you the tools needed and showing you how to properly and timely use them.


We offer a 3 week board and train program that comes with 6 private lessons at a designated location.

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Meet Danny

Danny and Gamora

With Danny’s training he will give you the tools to confidently coexist and manage your dog’s behaviors through a structured lifestyle.

Danny is passionate about giving owners and their dog the best relationship possible. With Danny you are able to openly express, and discuss your goals. Due to his experience from pet owner to trainer – Danny understands where you’re at and how to get you where you need to be. Danny continues broadening his education by working with local trainers and attending seminars.

Danny’s career started in 2015 as a decoy, where he was introduced to and quickly fell in love with working dogs. During his time as a decoy, he was also introduced to pet dog training and became passionate about improving the relationships between dogs and their owners. He got his hands on every leash he could, whether he was walking, house sitting, or training and founded his company, Outta This World K9, LLC, in 2021.

Danny and Gamora

Space Cadets

Gamora and Tupelo


Lucius and Burin










How to understand your dog

When working with Danny he will guide you through your dog’s genetic dispositions. 

Through this you will understand how your dog’s genetic background is actively driving and shaping their current behavior.

Training methods

Danny takes a holistic balanced approach when training with dogs. Danny will reward correct behavior and correct wrong behavior.

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